David Schmidt

About Griffon Wing Comics

I grew up on (cartoons based on) comics. I love colorful characters and wacky science-fiction / fantasy. I also love to write and draw, so I decided it was time to create the comic I would most want to read. That turned into Griffon Wing’s flagship webcomic – Recovery.

Combining the grit of a western, the determination of the post-apocalyptic survival story and the sheer fun of B-movie level sci-fi, Recovery was a lot of fun to create.

But Recovery is just the beginning. I plan on creating many more titles under the Griffon Wing banner using sci-fi and fantasy both as an escape from and as a lens through which to view the real world. That’s what science-fiction is, at its best, a way that we can step back and look at our world in a broad new way, from a safe place. I’d like to thank Cooper’s Comics & Collectibles for the retail space provided here. Enjoy perusing the collections here. I know I do.

I hope you enjoy my work as I do. I hope it entertains and, occasionally, challenges you. Thanks for reading!

David Schmidt